Shez & Gaz’s Dream

The Shez & Gaz's Dream caravan, proudly made in Australia, is a masterpiece of quality craftsmanship and innovative design. Specifically built for the demanding landscapes of Australia, it offers unparalleled off-grid capabilities. It features a...

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Midnight Dream

The Midnight Dream combines the essential elements of an off-road caravan with an elegance that will elevate your Australian explorations into unforgettable experiences. At My Dream RV, our goal is to provide a luxurious caravan...

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Baileys Delight

Inspired by the rich flavors of its namesake drink, our Bailey's Delight caravan is designed to provide a blend of sweet and delightful caravanning adventures. This model is ideal for solo travelers or couples seeking...

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Electric Dream

Energize your caravanning escapades with our exclusive Electric Dream caravan! This 23-foot haven of space, style, and supreme convenience is one you'll cherish. Perfect for solo explorers or couples, it offers ample room to relish...

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